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bulldog comforting human owner"

8 Things You Should Know About Emotional Support Dogs in Florida

bulldog comforting human owner"
I found this photo on the internet. And it appears to belong to briannealfitness.org.

First, let me preface by writing that I am so happy that pet lovers, those who are disabled and those who are in need of pet emotional support (and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll agree with me that we are ALL in need of some type of emotional support), have found a technical loophole of some sort!!! Let me correct that…. I am thrilled!!  I’ve been dealing with pet-friendly real estate in Miami and Broward since 2004, and am witness to a very slow progression of a change-in-attitude to no-pet policies. Personally, I don’t trust anyone that does not feel some sort of compassion for animals. That motto has never failed me.

I am in the process of writing an article for Yahoo! about this topic, so I decided to write a quick blog post today. So when is it OK to have pets in a no-pet-building in Florida? Let’s go over some pointers:

  1. An emotional support animal is defined as a pet that provides therapeutic benefits to its owner.
  2. No matter if your landlord or the condominium’s association has a no-pet policy, with proper documentation, you may absolutely have a the right to have a pet. Disabilities include emotional issues, and so emotional support pets are permitted as well.
  3. The Fair Housing Act requires that housing providers, such as condominiums and homeowner’s associations make reasonable accommodations for residents with disabilities. This includes landlords as well. So if you’re a tenant, and you have developed an emotional disability of some sort, or if you are physically disabled, guess what? Your landlord is also required to make provisions with certain limited exceptions. Basically, what this means, is that the landlord and/or association is required by law to allow you to have an emotional support animal, even with a NO-PET POLICY!
  4. It is within your landlord and/or homeowner’s association’s right to ask for documentation to verify your need for an emotional support animal. Documentation includes: a note or certification from your physician or mental health professional.
  5. However, you are NOT REQUIRED to disclose the details of the disability or provide proof of your pet’s training or certification!!!! 
  6. If you are deemed to be in need of an emotional support dog, the landlord or association is NOT PERMITTED to charge an additional pet deposit, BUT, they may hold you responsible if your pet caused any damage. My advice is, (1) take pictures while living in the property and as you’re moving out, or of an unforseen accident or occurrence that may be your pet’s fault, you want to make sure that your landlord or association does not make more out of it than it is, (2) document any repairs needed to be done before you move into a property, and (3) always correspond via email, or in writing, verbal will not hold in court or help you end a dispute favorably!
  7. In rare occasions, landlords and/or associations may assert their rights to request your pet’s removal or to evict you, if let’s say you can’t keep your pet under control or your pet poses a danger to others. This is total BS, and I would not worry about this if I were you. Why? Because most landlords and associations risk you filing discrimination lawsuits against them. I’d advise them to consult with an attorney before trying to pull off an erroneous move such as this.
  8. If you believe that you’ve been wrongfully denied housing or rights under the Fair Housing Act, you should file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The HUD regional office for Florida is located in Atlanta, GA. Their phone number is: 800-440-8091.

Here’s a guide to the U.S. Department’s Disability of Rights Laws. If you have any tips or additional laws that you know about, please share them below in the comment section. If you live in Florida, and are having any kind of trouble with your landlord or association, I highly recommend that you contact Attorney Marcy LaHart. She is probably the most qualified (in my opinion) attorney who specialized in animal law in Florida. She has a stellar reputation. She was instrumental several years ago in helping me with a case I was working on. If anyone can help, or guide you in the right direction, it’s Atty LaHart.

Join my Facebook page for more updates, and perhaps to help me bring more attention to this antiquated policy. I hope that collectively we can encourage homeowner’s associations to ease up on no-pet policies.

A Little About Me…


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Hello there…

My name is Anabelle Taub. I specialize in pet-friendly real estate throughout Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Aventura, South East Broward. Though my specialty and passion involves equestrian communities, such as those found in SouthWest Ranches, Plantation and Pembroke Pines. I am also proud to serve as a Hallandale Beach city commissioner (newly elected on November 8th, 2016).

First and foremost, I am an animal lover and advocate. I have precious rescues myself. My passion goes way back. In 2005, I packed up and left to New Orleans, and worked in the trenches (alongside many unsung heroes) and rescued Gia (you see me kissing her in the photo above), alongside hundreds-upon-hundreds of dogs. In 2006, I was at it again! I left to Northern Israel (during the war with Lebanon), and did rescue work, together with Israel’s leading rescue organization, Let The Animals Live. For me, animal rescue knows no borders, religion, ethnicity or color. In fact, Ellie Brecher (a reporter with the Miami-Herald) wrote about my journey and work. So when I write that I’m passionate about animals, it’s not a gimmick!

In my professional life,  though, I am extremely interested and stimulated by all that is real estate and marketing. I have extensive experience in real estate, not only as a realtor, but as an investor as well. Nothing gives me more pleasure than acquiring a property for my clients at an extremely favorable purchase price.

Combining my love of animals and knack for real estate, means that you NEVER have to make a decision between your beloved pet and a future home. It also means that I will search out properties that offer you the best deal possible. I am certain that I can help you and your beloved pet/s find the perfect forever home.

While I don’t typically work with rentals, and mainly deal with serious clients interested in purchasing real estate, I have an extensive list of pet-friendly rentals throughout Miami-Dade and Broward. It’s not just about the money for me, it really is first-and-foremost, ensuring that pet owners try every option first when having to relocate, before sadly and in many cases (inexcusably) giving up or abandoning their pets. So don’t hesitate to contact me. If I personally cannot help you, I will always have some options and referrals for those in the renal market.

For those of you interested in selling your home, my real estate services span beyond just being a realtor. I own and operate Eco Press– a social media marketing company, specializing in real estate marketing. Together with Beachfront Realty, we work symbiotically, to ensure that your property will have a full marketing power-house behind it. Gone are the days of the MLS, each one of my listings enjoys it’s own website, and an extensive online marketing campaign.

I look forward to speaking with you about your real estate needs, and helping you and your pets find the ideal home. There are options for just about any purchase budget!

I may be reached at 305-924-7471.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Anabelle Taub