Vegan Options After Oral Surgery (Day 4 of 90)

"vegan mashed potatoes"

On day 4 of my 90 day vegan challenge, I had to think of some super soft food options after undergoing oral surgery. I would have been fine with just freshly squeezed juices, but given the very heavy antibiotics I have to take, my endodontist insisted on me eating soft foods with some substance to it. I spent the last couple of days eating and drinking mostly light and raw vegan food.

My mother suggested mashed potatoes. Yummy! The challenge– how to make vegan mashed potatoes.  Gone are the days of butter and cow’s milk (even though in my vegetarian  days I never used milk). Have a look at the recipe above. I promise you that if you’re trying to cut down your saturated fat intake (even if you’re not contemplating a vegan diet at this time), you will enjoy your vegan mashed potatoes just as much as the fatty version we’ve all been eating for years. In lieu of butter, I used olive oil. Instead of regular cow’s milk, I used almond milk.

The other alternative option I needed was for store bought apple juice (I mean who wants all that sugar and preservatives!!??).  Because of my multitude health challenges, I am insulin resistant, so food that is in it’s most natural state seems to agree with me best. Yes, even mashed potatoes! No sugar spikes, or LOWS. This hypoglycemic girl had a feast day on my cheat day today.

So, for my freshly made organic juice which packed loads of fiber and naturally derived sugar, I had fresh carrot and apple juice. Simply take 6-7 organic carrots (if at all possible) and 2-3 organic apples, cut them up, and put them through the juicer. I love Breville. I think their juicers and food processors are superior to others on the market. They are definitely more expensive, but a worth while investment. The result, well, see for yourself. 🙂 I had a tall glass for dinner, and drank it down with a straw (as eating was a challenge today).

"carrot and apple juice"
Here’s to your health! — Anabelle Taub.

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