The #Pescetarian vs. The #Vegan (Day 6 of 90)


Do you remember the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the hilarious aunt is introduced to Ian the vegetarian? His fiance mentions to the aunt that he does not eat meat, and the aunt innocently says, “That’s okay, I’ll make lamb.” That was and is literally my favorite line in the movie. For years, as a vegetarian, people would try to serve me chicken in lieu of meat. My mother too!

My well meaning mother no longer eats meat, but she does still eat fish. On day 6 of 90 of my vegan challenge, my mother reminded me of the funny aunt from MBFGW movie. My mother, knowing I could only eat soft food today, invites me to eat dinner with her. Knowing (and supporting) my vegan expedition, she innocently tries to serve me fish. I said, “Mom, I am a vegan.” She says, ” Don’t worry, I made fish.” I said, “Mom, it’s fish!” She replies, “Yes, I know. Perfect for your no meat diet.” I cracked up from laughter, reminding her of the scene from the movie. Thus the vegan teaching the pescetarian the dos and don’ts of a “no animal diet.”

My mom means well, and I am sure in no time, she’ll get used to the fact that her daughter no longer eats meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, or any other animal by-product. I find the best method to help others around you adjust to the fact that you’re becoming a vegan is to gently explain what it is that you will and will not eat. Getting frustrated will only serve to get your ethical message lost in translation!

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