Year to Year TimelineAnabelle's Sponsored Resolutions & Ordinances

City Resolutions Sponsored by Anabelle Lima-Taub

November 2016

Elected for Hallandale Beach Commissioner

December 4 2018

Resolution Approving the Community Partnership Program Grant

for the Hallandale High School Academic Enrichment Camp for the Remainder of of the 2018-2019 School Year. For a Total Amount Not to Exceed $20,000, to be Funded Equally From The Travel Allowance of the Commission Body. (This Resolution Failed Because Some of Your Commissioners Prefer to Cash Out the Commissioners Travel Money and Use It As An End of Year Bonus).

December 4 2018

Homebuyer Assistance Program

Motion by Anabelle Lima-Taub to Include Teachers, Police Officers and Firefighters to Qualify for the City’s First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program via the CRA

January 30 2019

Resolution Denouncing Humanitarian Crisis

Under Venezuela’s Dictator Nicolas Maduro and Recognizing Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela (Passed: 4 Yes and 1 No). Adopted

February 20 2019

Resolution Denouncing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement

(BDS) as An Anti-Semitic Attempt to Delegitimze Israel (Approved 4 Yes and 1 N0) Adopted on: 1/30/2019 3. Resolution Condemning the Practice of Female Gential Mutilation. Approved and Adopted

February 3 2019

Increase Funding for Affordable Housing

Resolution Encouraging the State and Federal Government to Increase Funding for Affordable Housing to Combat Homelessnes. Approved and Adopted

April 4 2019

Mistreatment of the LGBTQ Community

Resolution Denouncing the Mistreatment of the LGBTQ Community and Inhumane Stoning of Individuals in Brunei. Adopted

December 2 2019

Encouraging the State Legislature to Approve Senate Bill 182

Resolution Encouraging the State Legislature to Approve Senate Bill 182, and Any Companion House Bills Relating to the Preemption of Recyclable and Polystyrene Materials by Amending Section 403.7033 and Section 500.90, Florida Statutes, Repealing the Preemption of Local Laws Regarding the Use or Sale of Single-Use Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Materials. Approved and Adopted

December 11 2019

Affirming the Right of All Renters

Resolution Affirming the Right of All Renters to a Safe, Affordable, and Decent Home But Also Continue Our Commitment to Fighting for Affordable Housing by Joining Coalitions and Commissions That Seek To Address Issues of Affordable Housing; and Recognizing That There Is a Shortage of Affordable Housing and Subsequent Home Ownership and Seeking Solutions to Ensure That Hallandale Beach Residents at All Income Levels Are Able to Access Safe and Affordable Housing. (THIS SHAMEFULLY DID NOT GAIN FULL SUPPORT BY THE COMMISSIONERS SERVING HALLANDALE BEACH)

February 5 2020

Supporting Executive Order Combating the Rise of Anti-Semitism

Resolution Supporting President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Order Combating the Rise of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semitic Incidents in the United States and Around the World Which Aims to Protect the Approximately 2,900 Jewish Household, and Approximately 900 Easily Identifiable Members of the Orthodox Jewish Community Living in Hallandale Beach and Suscpetible to Anti-Semitic Attacks.

February 5 2020

Investing in Our Communities Act

Resolution Supporting United States House of Representatives Bill H.R. 2772, Known as the “Investing in Our Communities Act.” Adopted

February 5 2020

Denouncing Extremism, Bigotry

Resolution Denouncing Extremism, Bigotry; Supporting Steps to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry; Urging Congress to Provide Additional and Immediate Funding to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to Combat Hate Crimes Which Threaten the Freedom to Practice One’s Religion; Proposing the Use of Such Funding For a Hate Crime Police Task Force. Adopted

April 29 2020

City Responds to Covid-19 Crisis

Resolution Authorizing That the Funds Set Aside for Commission Travel be Reallocated to Fund Balance to Help Cover Additional Costs and Revenue Shortages As the City Responds to Covid-19 Crisis. (Yes Votes: 4 No Vote: 1)

May 20 2020

Condominium and Homeowner Association Declarations

Resolution in Favor of Requiring “Kaufman Language” or “As Amended From Time to Time” Language in Condominium and Homeowner Association Declarations. Adopted

July 28 2020

Condemning the Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts

Resolution Condemning the Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts Made by the Florida State University Senate President and Requesting That the Florida State University President Remove the Individual From the State University Senate. Adopted

July 28 2020

Safety for Broward County Students, Teachers and School, Employees

Resolution Calling for Safety for Broward County Students, Teachers and School, Employees and Saving Taxpayer Dollars on Bulk Purchasing of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Before Broward County Schools Reopen for Face-to-Face Learning. Adopted

July 28 2020

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

Resolution in Support of Senate Bill S.3471 Referred to As “Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.” A Bill that Ensures Goods Made with Forced Labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China Do Not Enter the United States Market, and Condemning the Government of China’s Targeted Campaign of Repression of Muslim Ethnic Minorities. Adopted

July 28 2020

Solidarity with Approximately 325 Belarusian City of Hallandale Beach Residents

Resolution Standing in Solidarity with Approximately 325 Belarusian City of Hallandale Beach Residents, Calling for a Free, Fair and Transparent Presidential Election in Belarus Taking Place on August 9th, 2020, Including the Unimpeded Participation of All Presidential Candidates. Adopted

City Ordinances Sponsored by Anabelle Lima-Taub

July 7 2018

Amending Chapter 6 “ANIMALS” TO AMEND “SECTION 6-1”

An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 “ANIMALS” TO AMEND “SECTION 6-1” Definitions and to Create Division 3 “Community Cat Management”, Specifically Creating Sections 6-69 “Community Caretakers” to Provide for a Community Cat Management Program in the City (This Ordinance FAILED to Pass due to lack of support by other City Commissioners ).

September 26 2018

Lobbyists: Registration and Disclosure; Enforcement

An Ordinance Amending and Renumbering Section 2-3 “Lobbyists: Registration and Disclosure; Enforcement” to Revise Registration Requirement and Create a Duty to Disclose Contractual Relationships with City Staff and Officials and Campaign Consultant Positions with Members of the City Commission; Creating Section 2-6; Prohibiting Lobbying by Campaign Consultants (This Ordinance FAILED to Pass Due to City Commissioners Deliberate Attempt to Engage in Deceptive Practices).

February 19 2020

Beach Preservation Advisorty Board

Ordinance Forming the the “Beach Preservation Advisorty Board” in Chapter 2 “Adminstration” Article III “Boards, Committees, Districts and Authorities.” (1st Reading: 4 Yes Votes and 1 No Vote). Passed:

May 4 2020

Condominium Transparency and Accountability Act

Ordinance Named The “Condominium Transparency and Accountability Act,” Establishing Registration Requirement for Condominium, Multi-Family Homeowners and Cooperative Associations Within the City; Creating Registration to Be Available to the Public. (Adopted and Passed
Paid for by Anabelle Lima-Taub 2020
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