Upping the Ante on My Vegan Challenge (Day 7 of 365)

On this week's reading list, For The Love of Animals.
On this week’s reading list, For The Love of Animals.

Going from 90 days to 365 days!

When I set out on my vegan challenge (after years of being a vegetarian, switching to raw food, and eating fish) in the last several weeks, I opted for a 90 day challenge. I decided today that 90 days was not enough. Anyone can do 90 days of almost anything. Heck, I’ve juiced (without eating) for 62 days at a time.

I also realized that I face more challenges. Not food though, that’s not such a problem for me. My issue is how to incorporate other ethical choices in my day-to-day life. Such as: social outings, traveling, fashion, what do I do with my furniture, do I still cook meat for my family and friends, what about my dogs?! It’s obvious to me that it will take a good year to make the adjustments needed. It will require a ton of discipline. Relearning and undoing 38 years worth of habits. I am up for the challenge, though. I am excited about living a kinder lifestyle.

What I am committed to is to not judge, criticize or impose my views on those that eat meat (even those who wear fur!). This is a very personal choice, and I do plan on keeping it that way.

For those of you taking an interest in my journey, I am humbled. Thank you for reading my posts and for your encouragement.

Cheers to you and kinder choices!

Anabelle Taub

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