Vegans Have Fun Too! Day 80 of 365

Since I’ve become a vegan, I am finding that the delectable choices are endless. Here are some pics of what I’ve eaten over the last four days. I’ll be sharing a bunch of recipes in the next few days.

A short explanation of what you’re seeing:

  1. First picture: Greek style roasted lemon potatoes, Arabic warm red beet salad with tahini sauce, and Israeli chopped salad.
  2. Vegan coconut cake, with a scoop of vegan coconut ice cream. Ate this over the weekend at Sublime restaurant (located in Fort Lauderdale).
  3. Asian style cauliflower (same restaurant as above).
  4. A watermelon martini and vegan mac and cheese. Yep! You guessed it– Sublime in Fort Lauderdale.
  5. A healthy meal, cooked by me. Cuban style black beans, with freshly steamed broccoli (in lemon water), and a salad with vegan style honey (substituted with agave syrup) mustard dressing.

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