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Join Me in Supporting our Hallandale Beach Police Officers

As you may know — I am seeking re-election in this year’s 2020 election.

Four years ago, I chose to run for office because the great City of Hallandale Beach was in need of an overhaul. 85% of our City’s public-school students were experiencing food insecurity, our senior population (many of whom live in some sort of isolation) were underserved, and most of all — the City’s public safety was in desperate need of attention!

I ran on a platform to tackle the above issues – and then some! During my campaign, I knocked on many of your doors. I learned that many of you fell (and still do) victim to abuse by condo associations and/or board members (this is a City-wide issue). I also came to learn that those of you along S. Ocean Drive were (and still are) concerned about beach erosion. Our neighbors in the West side of the City struggle with affordable housing options.

I am incredibly proud of keeping every promise I made when knocking on your doors in the last 3.5 years.

  • Along with Hallandale Beach Advocate Dimitriy Yakubovich, we successfully fought for an A class rated fire department. The merger with Broward Fire Rescue resulted in you, the taxpayers and stakeholders, having 3 paramedics on each rescue truck and 4 firefighters on each fire engine! Our firefighters now have exceptional training (which was not the case in years past) and we saved millions of dollars in a potential litigation. Additionally, Hallandale Beach residents enjoyed access to a fully staffed fire department amid the Covid health crisis. This means that our City saved tens of thousands of dollars by not having to pay overtime hours, as this cost was absorbed by Broward Fire Rescue.
  • Together with concerned residents and the help of Dimitrity Yakubovich, I was able to sponsor the Condominium Transparency Act — tackling condo fraud and abuse in our City.
  • I also sponsored and formed the Hallandale Beach Renourishment Advisory Board to tackle beach erosion on our shoreline. A huge thank you to community advocate Dmitriy Yakubovich and the countless residents who attended meetings to urge the commission to vote in favor of this advisory board.
  • I proudly held Hallandale’s annual prom dress and suit drives for Hallandale High students (this could not have happened without some great volunteers) and multiple food drives.
  • Ingalls Park in SW Hallandale received a major overhaul with my efforts and those of Mayor Joy Cooper. The neighbors sharing a wall with Ingalls Park now enjoy more privacy as both Mayor Cooper and I fought for a higher privacy fence.
  • I have VOTED NO on multiple development projects because of their potential to increase traffic, burden our already compromised underground infrastructure and my deep concern of NW Hallandale Beach gentrifying.
  • I have and will continue to support the great men and women in uniform — our Hallandale Beach Police Department. Now more than ever – the fine men and women of Hallandale Beach Police Department need your support! They have had some top City officials and leadership besmirch and malign them as well as fail to support them when it was most (and is) most needed.

2020 brings with it more challenges and citywide issues. I hope you will entrust me once again with your vote this November 3rd, 2020.

Thank you!

Anabelle Lima-Taub

Hallandale Beach Commissioner, Seat 3

  • Condo Abuse Reform
  • Public Safety
  • Infrastructure
I am incredibly proud and pleased to announce that the Condo Transparency Act (an Ordinance I sponsored during my first term as commissioner in Hallandale Beach, and co-drafted with the help of former House State Representative Julio Robaina, the City attorney and staff at development services) formed to attenuate possible abuse of power by condo board members (as well as protect honest condo board members from frivolous accusations of abuse) which commenced on Thursday, October 1, 2020.
What this means is that (Ordinance No. 2020-013), all Condominium Associations, Multi-Family Homeowner, and Cooperative Apartment Associations operating their property within the City of Hallandale Beach are required to register an annual registration by submitting a Condominium Registration application. To view Ordinance No. 2020-013 Learn more visit:
If you would like a copy of the Ordinance CLICK HERE or if you have a question please feel free to send me an email by clicking here.
Countless residents as well as Hallandale Beach candidate for commission seat 4, Dmitriy Yakubovich, attended multiple meetings to advocate for this Ordinance to pass. Had they not been brave enough to attend commission meetings and speak up – the Condo Transparency Act would have never passed for adoption.

The Hallandale Beach Police Department is in desperate need of your support, funding and leadership which does not malign and besmirch our officers.  Violent crime in our city is on the surge and doubled from last year. You will be told that I am lying to you. Please see for yourself! Please be clear: I have been outvoted by the majority on the commission (there are 5 commissioners – 3 out of 5 commission voters either passes or kills funding for our police department and the officers’ salaries and benefits) on most of my motions in the last 4 years. I could never get the 2 additional votes that would be needed to attenuate the alarming violent crime rates and egregious mistreatment of our officers.  Below are just some of the links from recent violent crimes in our city. Myself, candidate Dmitriy Yakubovich (whom I endorse wholeheartedly) and Mayor Joy Cooper have been endorsed by the Hallandale Beach Officer and Sergeant’s Association (IUPA). I have for four years advocated and will continue to fight for funding. At this year’s 2020 first budget hearing I stated publicly that I WOULD NOT vote yes on the proposed budget because our cops deserve a dignified contract with proper funding for our disbanded narcotics, gang and community task forces. Funding that was not made available by 3 out of 5 of us!  The majority of the commission has treated our cops poorly and has offered them a contract that results in a high rate of attrition, low morale and recruitment challenges.

It is NOT a coincidence that violent crimes in our city have resulted in an alarming Google search result (1 in every 26th person in Hallandale Beach will fall victim to a violent or property crime).

Do you think this is acceptable? I don’t!

By the way – do you know that our entire police department’s personnel took part in deescalation training in January of this year (2020)? The CRA department paid out $50,000 for this. Our men and women in uniform are uber professionals and work under tremendous challenges and mistreatment by some in city leadership. Here are some of the violent crime headlines in the last couple of months:

Man Killed in Hallandale Beach, Car Riddled with Bullets (Channel 10)

Call About Dead Body Ends in Police Involved Shooting in Hallandale Beach (CBS 4 Miami)

1 Injured in Shooting in Hallandale Beach (Channel 10)

Person Shot in Hallandale Beach Neighborhood (NBC 6)

FBI Seeking Bank Robber in Hallandale Beach (FBI. gov)

As I write this post today, October 7th, 2020 – this past weekend our City had several shootings and armed robberies. The residents deserve better! You have a right to safety in our city!

It is not a secret that so many of our residents (particularly on the NE 12th Avenue stretch and surrounding streets) have fallen prey to flooding. Your commission body is made up of a majority for the last 4 years. This 3 out of 5 commission body has had 4 years to assuage failing underground infrastructure. Instead they chose to pander to special interest money that finances their campaigns. I voted for the CRA to take out a $20,000,000 loan with the understanding that a portion of this loan would be allocated towards the installation of flood pumps on NE 12th Avenue (to mirror the two pumping stations on NE 14th Avenue). While the plans are in the works, city staff has implemented the following plan for days where heavy rain/storms are projected:

  • Pumps on NE 14th Avenue and the SW 7th Street pump stations are to be manned and monitored to ensure they are operational.
  • Public Works personnel will clean catch basins, storm drains and pumping wells.
  • Trash piles and bulk trash will be reported to the Department of Public Works. I will continue to ensure that the City picks up (and cites when appropriate) the disgusting display of trash dumped throughout the streets of our city.
  • Police barricades in heavily flooded areas will be implemented to avoid water wakes when cars drive through heavily flooded streets.

There is much work to be done to mitigate flooding. Ask yourself why the majority of the commission (who have had their three votes they need to pass any policy they wish) has failed to address flooding?

To learn more about the city’s capital improvement plan to mitigate flooding, street lighting, speed bumps, sidewalks and the like please feel free to email me by clicking here.

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