Re-Elect Anabelle Lima-Taub

Join Me in Supporting our Hallandale Beach Police Officers

As you may know — I am seeking re-election in this year’s 2020 election.

Four years ago, I chose to run for office because the great City of Hallandale Beach was in need of an overhaul. 85% of our City’s public-school students were experiencing food insecurity, our senior population (many of whom live in some sort of isolation) were underserved, and most of all — the City’s public safety was in desperate need of attention!

I ran on a platform to tackle the above issues – and then some! During my campaign, I knocked on many of your doors. I learned that many of you fell (and still do) victim to abuse by condo associations and/or board members (this is a City-wide issue). I also came to learn that those of you along S. Ocean Drive were (and still are) concerned about beach erosion. Our neighbors in the West side of the City struggle with affordable housing options.

I am incredibly proud of keeping every promise I made when knocking on your doors in the last 3.5 years.

  • Along with Hallandale Beach Advocate Dimitriy Yakubovich, we successfully fought for an A class rated fire department. The merger with Broward Fire Rescue resulted in you, the taxpayers and stakeholders, having 3 paramedics on each rescue truck and 4 firefighters on each fire engine! Our firefighters now have exceptional training (which was not the case in years past) and we saved millions of dollars in a potential litigation. Additionally, Hallandale Beach residents enjoyed access to a fully staffed fire department amid the Covid health crisis. This means that our City saved tens of thousands of dollars by not having to pay overtime hours, as this cost was absorbed by Broward Fire Rescue.
  • Together with concerned residents and the help of Dimitrity Yakubovich, I was able to sponsor the Condominium Transparency Act — tackling condo fraud and abuse in our City.
  • I also sponsored and formed the Beach Renourishment Advisory Board to tackle beach erosion on our shoreline.
  • I proudly held Hallandale’s annual prom dress and suit drives for Hallandale High students (this could not have happened without some great volunteers) and multiple food drives.
  • Ingalls Park in SW Hallandale received a major overhaul with my efforts and those of Mayor Joy Cooper. The neighbors sharing a wall with Ingalls Park now enjoy more privacy as both Mayor Cooper and I fought for a higher privacy fence.
  • I have VOTED NO on multiple development projects because of their potential to increase traffic, burden our already compromised underground infrastructure and my deep concern of NW Hallandale Beach gentrifying.
  • I have and will continue to support the great men and women in uniform — our Hallandale Beach Police Department. Now more than ever – the fine men and women of Hallandale Beach Police Department need your support! They have had some top CIty officials and leadership besmirch and malign them as well as fail to support them when it was most (and is) most needed.

2020 brings with it more challenges and City-wide issues. I hope you will entrust me once again with your vote this November 3rd, 2020.

Thank you!

Anabelle Lima-Taub

Hallandale Beach Commissioner, Seat 3

  • Condo Abuse Reform
  • Public Safety
  • Infrastructure

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